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As a Belly Dance instructor and performer, Joanne offers students and audiences a fun and exotic experience of Modern Egyptian and Turkish styles. Many of her costumes are designed and created by herself. Her experience allows her to teach all

Bellydance Lessons

Learn to Move in Ways You Never Thought You Could Explore this Middle Eastern dance form through technique, choreographies, musicality and stage presence. This isn’t a follow along class but an actual dance lesson! You do not have to have

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Take your guests on an Oriental journey with solo and troupe performances A belly dance performance can bring emotion and excitement to any event. With sensual and hypnotic movements as well as expressive and sometimes cheeky styles you can be

Bringing people together through the art of movement

Workshops for schools and community groups as well as specialised workshops for Belly Dance classes

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Have you booked your tickets for the Sevenveils Summer Showcase yet?

I am so disappointed that I am unable to go cos it is always a fantastic night filled with fun, sparkle and fantastic dancing!

So go have a wonderful night out next Saturday (and make me jealous lol)
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Sevenveils Summer Showcase

June 3, 2017, 7:30pm - June 3, 2017, 2:00pm

Our "Golden Oldies" themed showcase is dedicated to the Alzeimer's Society in memory of the faces that will be greatly missed from our audience this year. For Pat, Dotty and Ron. A variety of perform...

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#TBT This was the first ever article that was posted for Metamorphosis Belly Dance back when I was only 22 years old and not really sure what I was doing.

The Quarterhouse in Folkestone seemed like a wonderful venue to teach my lessons but I quickly discovered that I was paying an awful lot and didn't have any students.

At this point I was ready to give up and accept that maybe my idea of being a belly dance teacher but I'm glad that someone was able to direct me to The View which I was able to afford.

I learnt many things around this time such as spending longer on advertising rather than only 2 weeks before my first class (not sure what I was thinking).

I also admit that I probably wasn't ready to teach at this time as I didn't know enough myself. Over the years I developed my classes and my teaching to be more structured, informative and focused on technique and musicality.

So this article brings back a lot of memories (and I still shake my head at that heading.)
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It's time for this weeks #GuessThatBelly challenge. Here is a dancer who has trained in dance many years and is one of the most elegant dancers of Belly Dance.

She runs her own "Dreamcamp" and is one of my favourite performers to watch and learn from as she is a fantastic instructor as well.

But who is it? Find out next Tuesday
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