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As a Belly Dance instructor and performer, Joanne offers students and audiences a fun and exotic experience of Modern Egyptian and Turkish styles. Many of her costumes are designed and created by herself. Her experience allows her to teach all

Bellydance Lessons

Learn to Move in Ways You Never Thought You Could Explore this Middle Eastern dance form through technique, choreographies, musicality and stage presence. This isn’t a follow along class but an actual dance lesson! You do not have to have

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Take your guests on an Oriental journey with solo and troupe performances A belly dance performance can bring emotion and excitement to any event. With sensual and hypnotic movements as well as expressive and sometimes cheeky styles you can be

Bringing people together through the art of movement

Workshops for schools and community groups as well as specialised workshops for Belly Dance classes

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Let's have some fun on a Wednesday with our new game 'Guess That Belly'.

Each week I will post a photo of a popular dancers belly for you to guess in the comments.

Let's start with an easier one!
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Loving this artists take on Disney women as Belly Dancers.

Which one is your favourite?
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Disney Belly Dancers Best of Disney Art by Blatterbury Street

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For #TBT here is an old solo performance taken at Folkestone's Multi-Cultural festival in 2012.

I learnt this choreography from Rania's 'Advance in the Dance' Dvd. The routine has the popular Oriental structure including a veil entrance, middle, drum solo and finale.

As with many old videos of my performances I do cringe but it also shows just how far I have come since then. I am more fluid with my veil moves and just a lot more relaxed in general when performing these days.

Without these videos I would have forgotten the progress I have made so I am glad I have them to look back on.
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