About JoanneAs a Belly Dance instructor and performer, Joanne offers students and audiences a fun and exotic experience of Egyptian and Turkish styles. Many of her costumes are designed and created by herself.

Her experience allows her to teach all ages from kids to teens to adults so that they can be taught at the correct level and the participants can achieve what they want (such as fitness, culture awareness, improvisation or just for fun). She has taught at various schools and community groups in Kent with positive feedback.

Joanne has performed at: Folkestone Multi-Cultural Festival, ‘Brothers of the Baladi’ show in Canterbury, ‘Kent Factor’, Folkestone Schools for Girl’s ‘Summer Mela’ concert, ‘Kent Dance Fusion’ and more. She has been taught by some fantastic performers such as Aziza, Ozgen, Josephine Wise and Sadie.

Joanne began performing at the age of seven as a singer and dancer to help her to become less shy in life. She always had a love of different music genres and dance styles which she gained from her musical upbringing.

She attended a collection of Performing Art courses where she learnt a variety of dance styles from contemporary to musical theatre. She also discovered a talent as an instructor as she found it exciting to work with various ages from school kids to adults and could explain things well while having fun. Joanne graduated in 2009 with a BA in Performing Arts.

While studying she began to take Belly Dance lessons at a local class in Canterbury and found that no other dance had the effect that this one did. She began to feel more confident about herself as a whole, helped her to get through the stresses of University and brought a smile to her face.

As she trained in Belly Dance she got involved in many student performances and gained much positive feedback from audiences. From this she decided to go solo.

Wanting to encourage others to feel more positive about their body and mind Joanne decided to set up Metamorphosis in 2009 after completing her degree to spread the joy and the art of Belly Dance.

The definition of Metamorphosis is a complete change of physical form or substance, character and appearance. Joanne believes that this dance changed the way she felt, inside and out, in a positive way. The name Metamorphosis fitted perfectly with her mission encourage others to feel beautiful and confident.