I’m still here!

Yes it is me, I am still here although maybe not as much as I would have liked. Since my last post back in October I got very pregnant (2 weeks overdue and just about able to get up off the sofa) and ended up being induced. I then went on to have a prolonged labour which ended in a caesarean and a very beautiful and healthy baby boy called Jamie on the 21st December. So having the baby was pretty much the only thing that went to plan.

Now he will be three months old tomorrow and I am really starting to miss dancing so much. Not that long ago I had been dying for a break from dancing since it was all I ever thought about or talked about which would sometimes get a bit overwhelming. It has now been nearly 5 months and I can feel myself itching to get back with every fantastic workshop and performance posted on Facebook but it seems like it will be ages until I will be able to find the energy to even shake my hips around the house. I guess that is what happens when your little one only takes 30 minute naps in the day (thankfully he sleeps great at night) and the rest of the time he is needing a big amount of my attention.

Deciding when to come back to dance

Originally I believed I would be back teaching by February after coming up with most of my next course while pregnant. I know right? What was I thinking? February was far too soon to be thinking about coming back. I actually realised this was not going to happen in the last month of my pregnancy when I was getting stressed trying to finish planning my course. In the end I thought why am I doing this to myself and decided I would come back in the Autumn. It also didn’t help the fact that I had an operation to get over which I was not really expecting so it took me a lot longer to recover afterwards.

I have now finally decided that around August I will start promoting myself again for events and shows since performing doesn’t take quite as much planning as teaching does. Then once my son is a year old I can then go back to teaching in the New Year when I should hopefully have a little more time than I do at the moment. I know it means my students will have to wait a whole year before classes begin but I hope they understand that I want to be in the right frame of mind when I do finally come back so I can give them the best of me.

Oh No! What happened to my belly?

Mummy and Jamie (cropped)

Another thing about getting back into my business is the way my belly looks right now. As I said earlier I was overdue and very huge by the end (especially for my petite size) so although I put loads of stretch mark cream on everyday I still ended up with many white lines all over my belly as well as a much bigger belly button. I sometimes wonder what professional dancers do after they have given birth and find their belly isn’t quite what it used to be. Do they only wear costumes that cover their bellies? Wear a skin coloured body stocking? Or just wear their scars proudly for all to see? I have to admit I haven’t seen many professional dancers who look like I do right now so I’m not sure if they really do show them off but maybe I’m wrong. All I know is I am starting to feel a little self concious about my belly for the first time and am considering a belly stocking if I feel it will be off putting for people watching me. At least I don’t really have to worry about my c-section scar since that will always be hidden.

Looking to the future

As you can tell I have many thoughts, worries and questions about coming back to dancing and although I would love to start putting my feet back into the dancing water I have a wonderful son who I want to give my whole attention to. But don’t worry I will definitely be back dancing since I have lots of dreams and plans for the future that I won’t be happy until I put into action. You can’t get rid of me that easily.

I have created a game over on the Metamorphosis Facebook Page called ‘Guess That Belly’ in which I post a famous dancers belly for you to guess who it belongs to. If you want to comment and join in the fun then visit our page and give us your best guess.

Babies, Bellies and Dancing (When am I coming back?)