belly dance lessons mainLearn to Move in Ways You Never Thought You Could

Explore this Middle Eastern dance form through technique, choreographies, musicality and stage presence.

This isn’t a follow along class but an actual dance lesson!

You do not have to have any dance experience as any women can Belly Dance when they are enthusiastic and willing to practice.

You’ll soon be moving your hips to the beat of the drum and shimmying your way through life.


Reasons To Try Belly Dancing


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Keeping Fit

Despite the name Belly Dancing is a full body workout. It helps to improve your muscles, bones and posture.

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Boost Self-Esteem

Learn to love yourself inside and out. No matter the size of your curves belly dance will make you feel beautiful.

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Learn many different styles from Egypt and Turkey as well as exciting Fusions from other parts of the world.

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Improve Yourself

With choreography and combos you can help your memory as well as improving co-ordination.

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Make New Friends

All sorts of women Belly Dance and it is a great place to meet new people and have fun while dancing.

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Get involved with local events and perform at our annual showcase (known to bellydancers as a Hafla).



“They are fun, allow me to feel feminine & are a good way of keeping fit (without being boring!) It has allowed me to meet other ladies in a relaxed atmosphere where no one is being judged by age or appearance.”

“Very well explained. I thought Belly Dance would be extremely hard to put into words & examples but Joanne does this really well.”

“A great girls night out with the added bonus of toning up!”


Lesson Locations

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