belly dance workshops mainWhy not bring Belly dancing into your school, college, community group or work place and keep fit with dance?

Belly Dance (known as ‘Raks Sharqi’ or ‘Oriental Dance) has been around longer than we can remember and is one of the oldest dance forms.

As the dance travelled across countries it changed due to different culture influences.

These days there are many exciting Belly Dance styles that there is sure to be a style that suits you. As well as being just a dance it has many health benefits.

Reasons To Try Belly Dancing


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Keeping Fit

Despite the name Belly Dancing is a full body workout. It helps to improve your muscles, bones and posture.

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Boost Self-Esteem

Learn to love yourself inside and out. No matter the size of your curves belly dance will make you feel beautiful.

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Release Stress

Sometimes taking yourself away from your busy life and having a good shimmy can make you feel calm.

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Improve Yourself

With choreography and combos you can help your memory as well as improving co-ordination.

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Bring People Together

With a chance to have a laugh and dance with others we can connect in a positive way.

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Learn all about the Middle East through movement and expand your world knowledge.



“Very graceful…….Good show……Very well performed,explained well and excellent”
Comments from residents at Oast Care Home


Workshop Prices

1 Hour

From 75.00

– Warm up and cool down
– Belly dance lesson
– Partner dance
– Beginner choreography

Half Day

From £225.00

– History of the dance
– Costume presentation
– Warm up and cool down
– Belly dance lesson
– Partner dance
– Beginner choreography

Full Day

From £300.00

– History of the dance
– Costume presentation
– Warm up and cool down
– Belly dance lesson
– Veil technique
– Partner dance
– Group choreography

Performance Extra


Get in the mood to dance with an exciting performance from a professional belly dancer.
Great before a workshop or for a school assembly to give an idea of the workshop.
Price when booked with a workshop only


We tailor our workshops for you so if you have a certain length that is not on here or want the workshop for a certain age please get in touch and we will try to cater to your needs.

Please note that travel is not included in the above prices. You will be given a full break down of the charges when booking

A discount will be applied when booking more than one workshop


Workshop Information
  • It is advised that you book workshops at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment
  • Travel costs outside of Ashford are not included in the performance price
  • The instructor shall turn up 30mins early to prepare for the workshop
  • You will need a space (e.g. event room, classroom) and a sound system (although a small one can be supplied)
  • Please wear something comfortable (gym clothes/leggings and tops) as this will help the instructor to see your moves
  • Props will only be used if there is space
  • Please wear soft soled shoes
  • Bring some water to rehydrate
  • You do not need to have your belly on show
  • If you have any previous injuries please let the instructor know at the beginning of the class
  • Please check with your doctor before participating in any physical activity
  • All remaining payments (after the deposit) can be paid online (Paypal or BACS transfer) or cheque at least one week before the workshop. Please make cheques out to Joanne Perks
Workshop Deposit – £30.00