Back in April I wrote a blog post about one of my favourite dancers Aziza. This time I want to share with you another fantastic dancer that I admire; the wonderful Turkish Oriental dancer Ruby and why she inspires me.

Ruby chose to focus her attention on the Turkish style after noticing that there were lots of Egyptian, Tribal and Fusion dancers in the US. She felt the Turkish style fit her personality so after finishing college she went to Istanbul to learn from dancers such as Artemis Mourat and Sema Yildez as well as many others. She studied Turkish Romani and other folk styles but focused on Turkish Oriental. She loves the dancing of Asena, Didem and Burgul. Not many dancers these days often do floor work so it is refreshing to see her adding floor work to many of her performances.

Ruby is also a certified Pilates instructor which helps her in dancing the energetic Turkish style.

The number one reason I love Ruby is her passion and energy. When I watch her perform I am always knocked back by how feisty and passionate her dancing is. It makes me want to stand up and shout “Hell Yeah!” while punching the air. This is what the Turkish style is all about and Ruby portrays the dance to brilliantly I can’t help but be captivated by her dancing.

I especially love the Romani (Gypsy) feel she brings to her performances with the fist bumping the hips, the hops, the kicks and the way she sometimes swishes her skirt. These are all what really bring the true Turkish feel into her dancing. She is also fantastic at playing the Zills (finger cymbals) and bring even more life and power into her dancing.

There are of course the extra things that complete Ruby’s amazing performances.

The costumes she wears are always amazing and work so well for her style. She often chooses to wear double layer full circle skirts rather than the slim cut the many dancers wear today which enhances her turns, kicks and flicks. 95% of her costumes are custom made by Turkish and Belgian based designer Bella

Another part of her that I just have got to mention is the hair. How amazing is her hair? I think her long, curly hair makes her head flicks and swishes look fantastic and just tops off her look.

Last year I performed a choreography that I learnt off Ruby’s ‘Totally Turkish’ Dvd (which you can watch here) and it is so physically demanding it isn’t a surprise that she trains so much. I remember coming off the stage breathless and gulping a lot of water. I think that what didn’t make my dancing quite as fluid as Ruby’s was performing choreography. If I had maybe chosen to improvise then I wouldn’t have been so in my head and more feeling the music and dance.

I haven’t had the chance to take a workshop from her as sadly I was unable to make her last workshops in London but I will always be on the look out if she ever comes to the area again. From what I have seen of her DVD’s she is also a fantastic teacher and her Facebook photos show her to be a very fun, loving person.

Ruby Beh

So I hope you will look into more of Ruby’s performances and DVD’s as she really is a one of a kind dancer who I will always aspire to be like.


‘Meet Ruby Beh’ interview on Visionary Belly Dance

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