hire mainTake your guests on an Oriental journey with solo and troupe performances

A belly dance performance can bring emotion and excitement to any event.

With sensual and hypnotic movements as well as expressive and sometimes cheeky styles you can be sure your guests will have an experience they will never forget.

If you want a personal and passionate performance then a solo is the best choice. Holding a bigger event for the public? Choose a troupe performance to reach a bigger crowd.

No matter what you choose you can be sure to get a professional level of service and of course a great time.


Belly Dancers Available To Hire

Hire Joanne

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Having a Belly Dancer is an exciting and unique entertainment experience. You and your guests will feel as if they have been transported to an exotic location. Our performances are all family friendly and are tailored to suit you depending on the event length, venue and audience.

Joanne is an Egyptian and Turkish style dancer who loves both the sensuality and upbeat feelings of the dance.

Our sets usually include a variety of different songs use a variety of props to add excitement. We also include audience participation so that the guest of honour and the guests can get up and have a dance. Read More

Hire the Eastern Delights

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A solo performance is always nice but maybe you want something a bit bigger? The Eastern Delights troupe are ready to give you a fantastic show involving solo, duo and group dances in many different styles.

The troupe was created to give passionate and advanced students of Belly Dance a chance to learn different aspects of the creative and business side of the dance.

A troupe performance is a great idea when organising festivals and educational presentations as all our acts are family friendly, fun and inspiring. Read More