YouTube Channel

I have been having a think recently about how to promote and often I find new and exciting dancers through the very popular video-sharing website YouTube which makes me want to research them more whether it is by visiting their website or Facebook page.

I often focus on my Facebook Page as I find it a great way of sharing photos, promoting courses and events as well as connecting with other dancers. My Twitter Profile is connected up to my Facebook since I find it difficult to use with the limited character usage but it still helps bring people to my Facebook page.

My YouTube Channel for my dancing business has been running since 2011 but I don’t think I have ever used it to it’s full potential. I know that YouTube is a great promotional tool as it allows you to showcase your dancing and classes which is better than photos to encourage others attend a class or hire you for their next event. In the past I have mainly used it for sharing choreographies to my students who can practise at home and the odd performance that I felt was worthy enough to showcase to the world.

Why haven’t I used YouTube as a promotional tool?

I guess the main answer is I have always been too nervous of other people’s opinions of my dancing and teaching. It took me ages to upload a video of my dancing because to me it was never good enough. I was too critical of myself and there was always a reason I shouldn’t upload it to public.

Of course the one thing that makes you want to run away from uploading videos to YouTube is the comments section. Not everyone is friendly and sometimes can be quite rude for no reason (especially when they are behind a computer screen) and I find any sort of mean comment very hard to shake off. I could turn the comments off on my videos (which is a good starting point so at least I can show potential students and clients what I do) but of course you miss all those wonderful comments as well which is such a shame.

So why am I writing a blog post about my YouTube channel now?

Well over the years I have grown as a dancer and that has been due to entering the Kent dance community which has not only given me more opportunities to perform but lots of support. I have also gained much more knowledge about the dance which has developed my dancing and teaching and I am starting to become more confident in my abilities.

I can now watch videos of myself performing without wanting to click the delete button straight after which is a big deal for me. I know there are imperfections but I am able to accept that a bit more now and I guess you could say I am starting to feel proud of myself for all I have achieved so far. I am now ready to put myself out there on YouTube a bit more and hopefully gain some fans that enjoy what I do.

What are my goals for YouTube?

1) I have already uploaded a promotional video for my dancing so that when someone is interested in booking me I can show them a range of different styles.

2) To also create a promotional video for my classes for students to actually see what goes on in my lessons as well as possibly getting some regular students to talk about why they love bellydance.

3) To keep uploading future videos of my dancing as long as they are okay in quality and I feel they represent me in a good way.

4) To upload videos of my Eastern Delights troupe since they have also come a long way and are a part of what I do at Metamorphosis Belly Dance.

5) To add more videos of my teaching such as combinations that I create for classes. This way others can practise the combinations whether they are students of my class or someone on the other side of the world looking to learn.

6) To try and keep the comment section of my public videos open. I’m not sure how well this will go and if I find I am getting a lot of unnecessary hate and it is affecting my confidence then I may go back to turning them off but I think it’s worth a go to begin with.


So keep an eye out for more videos being uploaded at and why not subscribe while you are there to help me out?
Taking the Next Step through YouTube