workshops mainBring people together through the art of Belly Dancing with a workshop

Want something fun and different to bring into your community or workplace? Belly dance is a great way of letting go of every day stresses and shimmying the cares away.

It can also be a great activity for schools as it gets children active as well as learning about the Egyptian culture.

Joanne can also teach specialised workshops to Belly Dance groups that focus on a certain style, techniques and choreography.

No matter what if you want a basic workshop or something a little more specific we can give you what you need.


Available Workshops


Belly Dance Workshops

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Belly Dance (known as ‘Raks Sharqi’ or ‘Oriental Dance) has been around longer than we can remember and is one of the oldest dance forms.

As the dance travelled across countries it changed due to different culture influences.

These days there are many exciting Belly Dance styles that there is sure to be a style that suits you. As well as being just a dance it has many health benefits. Read More

Specalised Workshops

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Joanne is an exciting instructor who understands how difficult it can be to learn Belly Dance and the many styles and techniques the dance involves.

She has been praised for her clear explanations and ability to make workshops challenging but fun.

Whether you want a workshop that teaches graceful arm work or delicious drum solos Joanne can give your students something to aim for in their dance journey. Read More