The definition of Metamorphosis is a complete change of physical form or substance, character and appearance.


Our goal is to encourage others to feel beautiful and confident through the art of Belly Dance. We believe that the movements of Belly Dance have a unique look on every body type, making your dance personal.

We want to help you become a happier and more confident person inside and out through regular classes, workshops and performances.



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Belly Dancing is a full body work out and you will soon discover muscles you never even knew you had.

We pride ourselves on clear, detailed teaching through drills and choreography while having fun in the process. Explore musicality, history and stage presence to give you the best start.

You will love our beginning classes for students with no prior training or needing a refresher. Workshops enable further skill development. Joanne has a comprehensive knowledge to ensure a training that is based on proper execution and injury prevention.


Hi I’m Joanne, professional Belly Dancer and creator of Metamorphosis Belly Dance. I began this business back in 2009 as a way to inspire, educate and entertain others in the art of Belly Dance.

Taking my first belly dance class I knew this was the dance for me. The exotic music, the sensual and strong movements plus the beautiful costumes all called out to me.

Over time I began to feel more confident inside and out but I wanted more. I didn’t want a follow along class but actual instruction on how to get my body to move the way I saw other belly dancers move. So along with classes I started doing my own individual study until I felt ready to attend workshops both local and in London.

I not only developed my own technique through this but I found many different ways of breaking down the movements and making them relatable to new dancers. Many of my students have praised my instruction for being clear and easy to understand giving them something to take home and improve upon.

Belly dance helped me to overcome difficult times in my life and transformed me into a more outgoing and positive person. When I’m dancing I feel beautiful inside and out. Through this dance I have made wonderful, lifelong friends and I want my students to have this opportunity with safe and friendly classes no matter their age, size or level.


As well as teaching I am often seen performing sets with a variety of styles and props to create a diverse and dramatic experience for all audiences no matter how big or small they are.

In 2013 I became the artistic director of the Eastern Delights Belly Dance Troupe, a semi-professional group made up of eager and talented students wanting to take their dancing to the next level. With these dancers I create interesting and dramatic group choreographies for festivals and large parties.

I continue to look forward to meeting new students and people passionate about Middle Eastern music and Dance as I continue my Belly Dance journey into the future.