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I've decided to learn how to Belly Dance. What can I expect?

First of all welcome! We are so excited you have chosen Metamorphosis Belly Dance to guide you through your dance journey. Many students find a life long passion in Belly Dance as well as great friends in the process. Remember not to be too hard on yourself. Learning a new skill takes time and patience so try to take pride in the small achievements. A strong foundation is important and all of our classes teach you how to execute movements safely and correctly. We encourage all students to practise at home as it's all about building muscle memory and this will help you build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Most of all have fun!

What is each class like?

Every class starts with a warm up. New movements will be explained and drilled to a basic rhythm to help with muscle control and timing. These movements will then be created for a one off combination or a section of choreography. Each lesson ends with a cool down. Questions are very welcome and often help other students in class. An explanation about the rhythms, music and history will be included in each class to help you gain more knowledge about Middle Eastern dance.

What should I wear to class?

Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Our instructors appreciate form-fitting clothing so that they can see your movement clearly. Leggings, Yoga pants, tank top, t-shirt, or crop top. You don't have to have your belly on show, that's entirely your choice. We dance in bare feet or use ballet slippers so to be safe and not damage the dance floor. Also don't forget a bottle of water, you will need it!

Are your classes for all ages, sizes and levels?

Our lessons are for adult women only who are beginners or improvers. Our students are all a variety of sizes, ages and nationalities and come together to enjoy Belly Dance. We provide a safe space for students to feel comfortable and focus on their training.

Is Belly Dancing a good work out?

Yes! Belly Dancing is great at increasing core strength, toning and improve posture and endurance. Combinations and choreography also help exercise the mind. As with any new physical activity be sure to talk to your doctor first. 

Can I belly dance if I'm pregnant?

Some people believe that Belly Dance was used as a fertility dance and a way of preparing for childbirth. It is healthy for mums to be to attend Belly Dance classes but be sure to speak to your doctor and midwife before starting. Women in their third trimester are advised to avoid strong movements such as shimmies, hip drops and fast travel movements but smooth rolls and figure 8's are a wonderful way to build strength for the baby's delivery.

How do I book onto a class?

We require advance registration for all our classes and you must sign a waiver before attending a class. You can register online through our website. No cash is accepted in class so please be sure to book online.

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Lesson Etiquette

We want all our students to feel comfortable and happy while attending our classes. We ask that you follow these rules to give you the best experience possible.

Be on time

If you are late quietly position yourself at the back of the class.

Pay before class starts

Booking and paying online allows the instructor to spend the lesson time teaching rather than sorting out funds.

Don’t bring food, gum, or beverages other than water on to the dance floor

Please be sure to keep your water to the side and please take your empty water bottles with you when leaving.

No mobile phones or texting in lesson

This is distracting and unfair to the rest of the class.

Don't bring negative energy into the lesson

You might have had a bad day but try to leave any stress and negativity at the door so you are able to be calm and focused. Gossiping and negative talk will not be tolerated.

Don't come in and out of the studio while class is in session

Again this is disruptive to both the class and the instructor. Remember this isn't a gym but a class. Bathroom and water breaks will be given by the instructor during class.

Don't leave early

If you do need to leave early please let the instructor know before class starts.

Make sure your belongings are out of the way of the dance floor

They can be distracting and a danger so be sure they are safely by the sides and not at the front by the instructor.

Don’t video in class without the instructor’s permission

The instructor will often give you a chance to video part of a choreography or combination but please don't just get your phone out and start filming when you want. Also we ask that you do not post any videos of class online.

Let your instructor know of any injuries or health problems at the start of class

We want to make sure that you are dancing safe and can give advice on moves to avoid. You don't have to share to the whole class but are welcomed to have a quiet word with the instructor beforehand.


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Lesson Etiquette
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